Experiences of Regret Among Foster Parents

We are recruiting former or current foster parents to speak with us about experiences of other regret and other forms of emotional complexity throughout the foster care process. The purpose of this study is to document lived experiences of parental regret in foster care settings, including life factors which contribute to these emotional responses, as well as how people who have experienced parental regret navigate these experiences. The study also aims to add to the body of knowledge surrounding foster care regret and how foster carers can be best supported through these complex and often unspoken experiences. By gaining insight into how parental regret emerges and affects foster carers, this study aims to improve future research on the subject and to contribute to the ongoing work of destigmatising foster care for both carers and their foster children.

If you would like to participate, download the Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form through the link below and use the included contact details.