Experiences of Care Concerns in Foster Care Settings

We are recruiting either current or former foster carers to speak with us about their experiences of receiving a care concern notification (CIMS investigation process in Victoria). The purpose of this study is to document lived experiences of the care concern process, including the details of the notifiable incident, subsequent foster care agency actions, and any immediate or longer-term effects that involvement in the process has had on participants. The study also aims to add to the body of knowledge surrounding foster care experiences more broadly, in particular the effect of foster care agency processes on the wellbeing of foster children, as well as the ways the foster care system can better manage care concerns and their emotional, relational, and/or legal ramifications. By gaining better insight into these processes and their impact on involved parties we aim to create best practice guidelines on care concern management which could be used to improve how these processes are carried out by foster care agencies and the foster families they are assigned to work with.

If you would like to participate, download the Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form through the link below and use the included contact details.